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Nov. 11, 1969 - Anti-Vietnam War demonstration in Grosvenor Square: Extra police stood by in case of any trouble during the anti-Vietnam war demonstration outside the American Embassy in Grosvenor Square today. Cards bearing the names of American dead in Vietnam were dropped into a coffin outside the U.S. Embassy A few pictures from the Working Part of my Big Adventure in Vietnam from November 1968 to October 1969. It was a war, we were in constant danger, we were seeing, doing and experiencing things civilized men should not have to endure, but most of us survived and now it is over and time to move on Aug 10, 2016 - Explore Richard Warren's board Vietnam War 1969-1971, followed by 527 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Vietnam war, Vietnam, War Browse Vietnam 1969 pictures, photos, images, GIFs, and videos on Photobucke The PAVN launches the Tet 1969 offensive against U.S. military targets near Saigon and Da Nang.The attacks were quickly beaten off. In the attack on Bien Hoa Air Base the PAVN lost 264 killed and 87 captured while ARVN losses were 10 killed and U.S. losses were one killed. Around Da Nang the PAVN/VC lost over 500 killed.: 101 The PAVN attacked Tiên Phước Camp which was defended by the 5th.

Vietnam graphic pictures of the war, never seen before. My name was John Benefield, a seventeen year old kid in trouble with the law. The court said Vietnam.. Let's see how Saigon looks in 1969 through photos of an American veteran. Related: Saigon - Pearl of the Orient Hai Ba Trung Street at the heart of Saigon. The building on the right is the old drug factor

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Dawn patrols and downtime in America's ugliest war: One veteran's forgotten photos of Vietnam unveiled after 47 years, showing troops unaware of protests at home - and the many who never made it bac Vietnam at 50: 1969 When Richard Nixon entered the White House on Jan. 20, 1969 support for the war was eroding, especially after the shock of the Tet Offensive the year prior Adventures in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. In memory to many in these pictures who didn't make it

Feb 15, 2019 - Explore Larry Hellie's board Vietnam Chu Lai, followed by 133 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Vietnam, Vietnam war, Vietnam veterans Hi my name is jesma, im looking for anybody who served in Vietnam in 1969-1970. My grandpa Wilfredo Salgado aka freddy served those years. He was in the 1st Battalion 5th Infantry Division and 11th regiment. If you can help me locate people who served him please give me a call at 407-952-7003 or email me at jesmarosado189@yahoo.co

Gallery Of. Faces of the American Dead in Vietnam: One Week's Toll, June 1969. LIFE magazine, June 27, 1969, featuring a portrait of U.S. Army specialist William C. Gearing, Jr., one of 242 American servicemen killed in a single week of fighting during the Vietnam War The vietnam war Pictures That Moved Them Most While the Vietnam War raged — roughly two decades' worth of bloody and world-changing years — compelling images made their way out of the combat. 43. FBI agents carry Vietnam War draft resister Robert Whittington Eaton, 25, from a dwelling in Philadelphia on April 17, 1969, where Eaton had chained himself to 13 young men and women. The agent leading the way pushed one of the group who tried to block path to the sidewalk. At least six young persons were taken away with Easton November 14, 1969. The Vietnam Moratorium Committee chose the black balloons to represent Americans who had died in Vietnam during the Nixon administration, and the white balloons to symbolize.

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Chu Lai Vietnam 1969 archive HD stock video footage clips and photos. Historic HD videos of Chu Lai Vietnam 1969 from CriticalPast are royalty-free and available for immediate download Well don't worry because we've got you covered with plenty of unseen pictures of what life was like for soldiers in Vietnam as well as their civilian counterparts in America. While the troops were fighting in a nearly 20 year war, they took a ton of photos that capture the every day life of troops in the jungle and it was a lot more. Larry Burrows covered Vietnam for Life magazine from 1962 until he was killed there in 1971. To mark the 40th anniversary of the end of the war, here is a selection of his astonishing pictures COMBAT AFTER ACTION REPORT, VIETNAM 1969. Dedicated to those who were there. The research for this After Action Report included OPERATIONAL REPORTS, DAILY STAFF JOURNALS and DUTY OFFICER S LOGS at the Battalion, Brigade and Division levels located in the National Archives and Records Administration, 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD 20740-6001

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  1. Vietnam's largest city, Saigon, was the capital of South Vietnam from 1955 to 1975. When it fell to the Vietnamese People's Army and the Viet Cong at the end of the Vietnam War, its name was changed to Ho Chi Minh city in honor of the leader of Vietnam's communist movement. 1964 was a key year in the Vietnam War
  2. Tet 1969 refers to the attacks mounted by principally North Vietnamese forces in February 1969 in South Vietnam during the Vietnam War, one year after the original Tet Offensive. Operation Menu was the codename of a covert United States Strategic Air Command (SAC) bombing campaign conducted in eastern Cambodia from 18 March 1969 until 26 May 1970, during the Vietnam War. The supposed targets.
  3. April 1969: U.S. combat deaths in Vietnam exceed the 33,629 men killed in the Korean War. June 8, 1969: President Nixon meets with South Vietnamese President Nguyen Van Thieu on Midway Island in.
  4. This is a never-seen-before collection of personal photographs from the 101st Airborne in Vietnam during 1968 and 1969. Photo locations include Phan Thiet, LZ Sherry, USO show with Bob Hope and Ann Margaret Christmas 1968, A Shaw Valley, flight over the Battleship New Jersey, Titty Mountain, Camp Eagle, Downtown Hue shopping district, Emperor's Palace and Throne Room, Buddhist Temples and.

Vietnam War: Changing War 1969-70. 23 Mar 2013 | Posted by MrAbkebab. Vietnam War: Changing War 1969-1970, Categories Video Army Vietnam War Marine Corps Shock and Awe Combat. Related Topic P. Gary O'Rourke A Co. 1969-70: Paul Williams A & C Co. 1967-68: Bill Lechner A Co. 1970: Victor (Jose) Vecera A Co. 1970: Al Caputo A Co. 1970: John Spangler A Co. 1969-70: Mike Bluemel A Co. 1970: Robert (Bob) Paul A Co. 1969-70: Brett Jones A Co. 1969-70: Lon Oakley A Co. 1969: Dick Pauly A Co. 1969-70: Charles Brown A Co. 1970: O L Midkiff. AP Photographers: Vietnam The Real War Vietnam: The Real War To cover the Vietnam War, The Associated Press assembled an extraordinary group of photojournalists in its Saigon bureau, creating one of the greatest photographic legacies of the 20th century The virtual Wall of Faces features a page dedicated to honoring and remembering every person whose name is inscribed on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. In an effort to further preserve the legacy of those who sacrificed all in Vietnam, VVMF is committed to finding a photo to go with each of the more than 58,000 names on The Wall

It featured the names and photos of more than 200 American troops who had been killed in just one week in the Vietnam War. On June 27, 1969, Life magazine published an issue that sparked. An open letter to anyone interested in Vietnamese history, culture, and the war years. When I went to Vietnam in June of 1969, I was assigned to the 221 st Signal Company (Southeast Asia Pictorial Agency) as a First Lieutenant in charge of a photo detachment. Initially, I was stationed at the sprawling military base in Long Binh Cam Ranh and Nha Trang Pictures 1968/1969 . Back to The Big One. Foreword by Steve Lentz: The Pictures: I came from an Air Force family and was the last of five sons to serve. I joined the Air Force in Feb. of 1967, on the DEP program, and left for Lackland AFB, Texas on 16 May '67. I left for Vietnam on 18 Nov.'68, having been assigned to. Staff Sergeant Robert W. Hartsock, United States Army, who distinguished himself on 23 February 1969, by conspicuous gallantry in action while serving as section leader with the 44th Infantry Platoon, (Scout Dog), 3d Brigade 25th Infantry Division in Binh Duong Province, Republic of Vietnam I was with the 630th Engineers in Vietnam in 1969-'70. We were attached to the 39th at LZ Goldie for the first 6 months I was in country. I'm a member of the 39th Reunion organization and would like to attend a reunion after I retire. Take care. Bruman, David L. D: In D Company from May 1971 till September 1971. Bryant, Staff Sgt Charles A.

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  1. Series 661 (October 21, 1968 - August 11, 1969) (B-B) First series with a $20 note 5 cents (23,520,000) small notes are supposedly taken from the series 521 reverse image (I don't see it
  2. pictures of my tour of duty in Vietnam in 1969 and 1970. U.S.Army Vietnam 1969 and 1970 1. Lawrence C. Marsh United States Army Censored: dead or injured persons and other unpleasant scenes removed
  3. Dak To sits in the middle of one of the most hotly contested regions of South Vietnam. Deep in the rugged, jungle-clad mountains of the Central Highlands, the hamlet is a mere twenty kilometers from the border where Laos, Cambodia, and South Vietnam come together. In early February 1969 the NVA's 40th Artillery Regiment began blasting the.
  4. Find high-quality Vietnam Protest 1969 stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Download premium images you can't get anywhere else

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A group of Vietnam War protesters gather on the bank of White Rock Lake on Oct. 15, 1969 in Dallas, Texas, and fly the American flag upside-down as they take part in the moratorium day observance. In the background across the lake is the palatial home of multi-millionaire H.L. Hunt. (AP Photo/FK Death Valley was the title Keith William Nolan gave to his 1987 book about the NVA/VC summer offensive of August, 1969 in the 196th Brigade Area of Operations west of Chu Lai, Vietnam. The map includes information about the many US, NVA, and Viet Cong units that participated in the month of battle In this May 1969 file photo, a wounded U.S. paratrooper of the 101st Airborne Division is helped through a blinding rainstorm by two medics after being evacuated from Dong Ap Bia during the 10-day.

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The Vietnam War was a long, costly and divisive conflict that pitted the communist government of North Vietnam against South Vietnam and its principal ally, the United States. In 1968 and 1969. 1969 was the height of US troop strength; A half a million US men in country. Broken down by branch of service during the course of the war: 1,736,000 US Soldiers; 391,000 US Marines; 293,000 US. By July 1969 we were finally off the boats and in Dong Tam processing to head home. I was in Vietnam over a year after the attack you just described. Our light cargo ship was seldom on the rivers after dark. However, I do remember one time when we were running late and arrived at our destination just as night was falling This photo is of Michael Keith Lewis of Lake City, Iowa, who was born March 20, 1946, and died on June 13, 1969. He served in the Army. Credit: Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund/Ann Dean Robinso

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Why Not Better Pictures? Although I already had an older 35mm SLR camera, one of the first things I did when I arrived in country was to buy a tiny Minolta 16 16mm still camera at the PX and carry it in one of the many pockets we had in Vietnam fatigues. I took hundreds of pictures, including many 35mm slides, and sent them home Mar 7, 2017 - Pleiku Dragon Mountain Vietnam 1969 | Panoramio - Photo of Dragon Mountain Signal Site - Pleiku 04/Nov/1969. Vietnam 1969-70 sir CHANCEALOT This is the name of the Armored Personnel Carrier I was on while in country. The word sir is not capitalized because I was in C-Troop so all of our APCs had names which began with the letter C

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The man's body was found with 47 others in a mass grave near Hue on 11 April 1969. The victims were believed to be killed during the insurgent occupation of Hue as part of the Tet offensive. This is an original copy of the United States Army 101st Airborne 1969 Yearbook, published by the 101st Information Office for members who served in Vietnam in 1969. This 179-page hardbound book has lots of photos, as well as a list of all 101st members killed in action in Vietnam in 1969 NVA attack May 12, 1969 at LZ Jamie (Photos and clipping above, Courtesy of John Carder) David Hill was a Platoon Leader, Feb-May 1969. Another news clipping about the battle at LZ Jamie from More Pictures from 1969 of Earl Eakes . More Pictures from 1969 of Eric Gustafsso U.S. Marines In Vietnam: High Mobility And Standdown, 1969 This is the sixth volume in a planned nine-volume operational and chronological series covering the Marine Corps' participation in the Vietnam War. A separate functional series will complement the operational histories. This volume details the change in United States policy for the. Remembering Vietnam is an exhibit at the National Archives in Washington, DC, on display from November 10, 2017, through February 28, 2019, featuring records related to 12 critical episodes in the Vietnam War. The National Archives has a wealth of records and information documenting the U.S. experience in the Vietnam conflict. These include photographs, textual and electroni

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  1. Photos by; HM2 Bob Ross - Corpsman L-3/3 & L-3/4 1969. Your Web Master - circa 1966 - 1967 . Military Award Certificates.
  2. If I see pictures of my guys in papers, doing their jobs with honor, then you can do what you like in Vietnam. He shot nearly 2,000 images between March 1968 and May 1969 before taking the.
  3. My dad took this photo of village children in Nha Trang, Vietnam, early 1969. There's quite a bit of emotion captured in their eyes here. The Fog of War sums it up pretty well, I think
  4. Map controlled mosaic | Vietnam 1:10,000 | Series L7014 Catalog Record Only Photography date Jan. 1969. English and Vietnamese. For use by officials of governments of Republic of Viet Nam and US only. Includes index map, source material note, and index to adjoining sheets. Contributor: United States. Army
  5. On Nov. 15, 1969, the Vietnam Moratorium Committee staged what is believed to be the largest antiwar protest in United States history when as many as half a million people attended a mostly peaceful demonstration in Washington. Smaller demonstrations were held in a number of cities and towns across the country
  6. Jazz legend Duke Ellington rehearsing his song Moon Maiden for the ABC broadcast of the lunar landing, July 20, 1969. Abc Photo Archives / Getty Images Walter Cronkite watching in silence as Apollo 11 touches down on the moon, July 20, 1969
  7. E. RAY AUSTIN photos: Vietnam Infantry Pictures from the Web 1967-1969

The purpose of the camp was to slow the movement of troops and war supplies entering northern VietNam and down the Ashaw corridor. In February, 1968, this camp was defended by 500 Bru, Montagnard, and ARVN Soldiers, along with 24 American Special Forces soldiers. A heavy artillery bombardment began and 9 Russian PT-76 Tanks appeared for the. Vietnam War Era M67 Ammo Pouch 1969 Dated. Condition is Used. Please view pictures closely. Heavy use/wear and have plastic snaps. Shipped with USP 8 févr. 2014 - Vietnam Helicopter Pictures | Da Nang, July 1969 Click on pictures to view full-size. 1969 TET with Col Hun & 1/8 ARVN Staff: Rock Crusher from the 610th commanded by Cpt Paul Sneiderhan (from NH) Cpt Andrews handing out candy during building of village shortcut to main road: Men of the 70th Engineers with Crane and Operator from the 131st.

These are pictures that Jerry took during his tour of duty in Vietnam in 1969-1970, in the Qui Nhon port area. He went from 1st Lt to Captain while he was there. He came back to the University of Wyoming and got his masters degree in Art and a teaching certificate. He spent his career in Lexington, Nebraska as the art teacher 17 Days Till I can Come Home Education & Training Stopping in Tokyo, Japan Operation Focus Retina Jim Fortune in Korea Easter Sunday 1969 Letter to home ~ 4 May 1969 Spring Day - 1969 Pictures From Korea More Pictures Promotion SP/4 Furlough August 1969 Excited to Come Home Saturday Night in Korea Jim Fortune Mechanic Hot Summer Day in Korea.

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Tet 1969 was practically missed by the media. Histories of Vietnam make almost no mention of it. Yet the Tet 1969 attack at Cu Chi, where I was stationed at the time, was a memorable engagement. It began with a rocket and mortar attack Enter your info into the form below to easily create replica Army Dog Tags 1968-1969 (Vietnam War Era).You can often find this information on DD 214 discharge papers. Watch this YouTube video for a demo. You can also design your tags without a template, or use our pen-and-paper mail/fax order form, or just send us an email with a photo of the original Dog Tags When I was first sent to Vietnam in 1969, I was assigned to the 11th ACR.. After landing outside of Saigon (now called Ho Chi Minh City), in Bien Hoa, I was taken by helicopter, truck to Loc Ninh where my unit from the 11th. ACR was located. Much like the movie, Apocalypse Now and the poem Heart of Darkness going further from. The Second Indochina War, 1954-1975, grew out of the long conflict between France and Vietnam. In July 1954, after one hundred years of colonial rule, a defeated France was forced to leave Vietnam Does anyone know the fate of this Musket gunship? May 1969 picture contributed by Ralph Liening. Source. Bell UH-1 Iroquois gunship helicopter at Nui Dat, circa 1968-1969. This UH-1 has been equipped with rocket launchers and machine guns, for a ground attack or armed escort role. Source. Gunship 948 at Nha Be, Republic of Vietnam, in 1971. Sourc

FSB GELA / LAI KHE VIETNAM 1969. from Larry Johns. 8 years ago. The pictures herein were taken primarily in the vicinity of both FSB Gela and the First Infantry Division base in Lai Khe. All the images in this presentation are used by permission of the veterans who took them. In particular I would like to acknowledge Bob Doc Shirley's. Photo Left: USMC Sergeant Bill Bratton. 1969. LZ STUD, Northern I Corps of Vietnam - It was Sunday, April 13th, 1969. The skies were clear, the sun hot and relentless as we did what all good Marines do when not doing anything else--we filled sand bags Life Magazine (November 8, 1968) Vietnam war victim, This girl tron. Life Magazine (June 27, 1969) American dead in Vietnam. One of LIFE's most memorable stories was from an issue published on June 27, 1969. Editor-in-chief Hedley Donovan approved a yearbook-like spread of photos of the 242 soldiers who died in Vietnam between May 28 and June 3

This the Vietnam era Mitchell pattern cover and is 1969 dated and very hard to read. This is the real thing and has a very nice patina and wear pattern. It is showing heavy wear, fading, and has a field repair above the bale arch. This has not seen the light of day in 40+ years. It is just out of long term storage These pictures are from Dam M. Linn C-Co 3rd Bn (Airmoble) 506th Inf ( Currahee) 101st Abn Div. He landed on Lz Betty in a C-130 on Nov. 25th 1969 and stayed for 6 days. He left in a C-7 Caribu. He was enroute to Camp Coryell In Ban Me Thout. He was medivacked on 18 Jan 197 Vietnam Bordering Countries: China, Cambodia, Laos. Regional Maps: Map of Asia. Outline Map of Vietnam. The above blank map shows the outline of Vietnam, a country in Southeast Asia. As can be seen on the map, it is a long and narrow country that is roughly S-shaped. The map can be downloaded, printed, and used for educational work..

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1969 page 2: 1969 page 3: 1969 page 4: 1969 page 5: 1969 page 6: 1969 Page 7: 1968: 1967: 1966: Enter subhead content here The following pictures are from Bob DeBoer. He originally inlisted in the army as a 67A10, Helicopter maint. He was selected for ATC school at Keesler AFB ms. He arrived in Vietnam on Nov 11 69 assigned to LZ Betty. He left. Light Ruck, Vietnam 1969, Browntown, Virginia. 1.8K likes. To help us all remember the sacrifices made in Vietnam War: Vietnam War, 1961-1975 Branch: Navy Service Location: United States Naval Training Center (USNTC), San Diego, Camp Pendleton, Coronado and Alameda, California; Midway Island; Vietnam Theme: Vietnam War: Looking Back: Joseph Stephen Acsai War: World War, 1939-1945 Branch: Arm During the Vietnam War era the Department of Defense did not keep photographs of all military persons. These photographs were sent to us by friends and relatives of the fallen. 12/19/1945 - 4/5/1969 HAMILTON, OH PANEL W 27, LINE 18 SSG JACK JOHNSON 7/4/1932 - 1/31/1966 NEW YORK, NY PANEL 4 E, LINE 124 CPL CHARLES JONES, Jr 10/24/1948 - 6/8/196 Da Nang marks the halfway point between the capital in the north, Hanoi, and Ho Chi Minh City in the south. It's the fourth largest city in Vietnam. Apart from some shopping highlights and historical sights, the main reason for most travellers staying here is its proximity to the well-known My Khe Beach, Lang Co Beach, Hoi An and My Son

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Oakland Army Base - Gateway to Vietnam (pictures resized) gschwertley. 6,198 35. veteran member. gschwertley. 6,198 35. Post Mar 04, 2009 #1 2009-03-04T06:27. One of the way-stations in my Army life was Oakland Army Base, the main entry portal to Vietnam Dak To memories - a Vietnam scrapbook My name is Ernie Camacho, I served in the U.S. Army from 1966 to 1969. I graduated from Keesler Air Force Base's US Army Aviation School, Air Traffic Control course, class 12106C, on 14 Feb. 67. I was in Vietnam from March 1967 to March 1968 Fred's Vietnam Days. August 1967-August 1968 (Latest Update: March 21, 2019) as I'm told by James Lawson that the pool was ultimately destroyed by a rocket in late 1969, and never rebuilt. (Dee). The pictures in the cards are actually printed on silk inserts. (Notice that the picture on the one to my sister is mounted upside down

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Photos by: Pat Silva, 1969-1970 1st/10th, B Troop, 4th Infantry Division, Buffalo Soldier Some places I remember. The others I can only guess. A couple of good friends are in the pictures. However, after 39 years I cannot remember their names. If anyone see a familier face or area let me know. Most of my time was with C Troop, 2nd Platoon. Sorry guys, the pictures did not link up. I will try again Vietnam UH-1H Huey Helicopter. From 1965 to 1973, the Bell UH-1, officially named Iroquois was the most common utility helicopter used in Vietnam. The Huey nickname stuck thanks to her early HU-1 designation (it was later redesignated to UH-1 with the normalization of 1962) As U.S. troops in Vietnam reached its peak at 542,000 in January 1969, President Richard Nixon announced his plan to Vietnamize the war and withdraw American ground combat troops. September 2, 1969: Ho Chi Minh Die

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Charley Co. 1965 - 1966: Charley Co. 1967 - 1968: Charley Co. 1967 - 1968: Charley Co. 1967 - 1968: Charley Co. 1967 - 1968: Charley Co. 1968 - 1969: Charley Co. 1968. Vietnam Dusters 1/44 Artillery. 1,617 likes · 12 talking about this. I put this site up as a place for members of the 1/44 to share their photos and experiences. It has since grown to include other.. My Vietnam Photo Album. The following photographs were taken by or of me while I served in South Vietnam. I was with Companies D + E, 3rd Battalion 187th Airborne Infantry, 101st Airborne Division from Nov 69 thru Aug 70. I was in and around Camp Evans, I Corp. from the coast to the mountains. Some are old and faded or discolored, but aren't we.

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The following listing covers port visits for carriers (CV, CVA, CVAN, CVS) deployed to Vietnam during the conflict. Sources for the information are listed in the text. Compiled in August 2003 by the Naval Aviation History Branch, Naval Warfare Division, Naval History and Heritage Command. NOTE: THE LIST OF RECORDS BELOW ARE THE ONLY DOCUMENTS AVAILABLE IN THE ARCHIVES OF THE NAVAL HISTORY. 1969 On July 20th one of mans crowning achievements occurred when American Astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first human to set foot on the Moon and uttered the immortal words That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind..The opposition to the war continued to increase with more and more attending anti war demonstrations and demanding that the US withdrew from Vietnam

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